Dear customer,
feel free to contact us to book your store ” online visit “.
We will be glad to welcome you dedicating you a relaxed and dedicated service with no obligation to purchase.
We are the ones loving the direct contact with our clients but due to the emergency afflicting all the world we are aware that for the moment is very difficult.
This kind of shopping it’s definitely our favorite for different reasons :
– It’s more ” human ”
– It’s more immediate in case of questions, doubts
– Last but not least, it’s a ” full experience “.Due to different reasons we can’t propose all the products that are sold in store.
Some examples : Women / Men handmade leather wallets, Women leather bags, Women pure silk scarves in different sizes, hand finished Men pure silk ties , scarves and pocket squares ( online we propose exclusively our luxury collection ) and our outlet with Women and Men scarves in different materials and price range.
Our sole aim is to protect the fine Italian craftmanship, helping our artisans working hard in difficult situations , resisting, working for you proposing something authentic made here, made in Italy.
That’s why, exactly as in store we want to ensure a smooth experience without any pressure to buy something, trying everything to support Made in Italy.


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